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  • Helps to moisturizer dry skin
  • Acne healing properties.
  • Smoothens the skin.
  • Rich with potential antibacterial and antifungal ingredients.
  • Fit for sensitive skin type.
  • Cleanses dead cells of the outer layer of skin and provides nourishment.

 Product Description

 Anti-inflammatory Seabuckthorn heals various skin complications as well as hydrates the skin. The skin nourishing vitamins and fatty acids in hazelnuts provide strong elasticity to your skin and excellently works as a moisturizer. The powerful antioxidants called Tannins make hazelnut a miraculous astringent. Naturally obtained Ylang-Ylang keeps your skin smooth and young. It may prevent the growth of skin cancer cells and melanoma. Ylang-Ylang effectively hydrates your skin by maintaining the moisture.

Full ingredients List

Hippophae Rhamnoides( Seabuckthorn) Oil*,Sesamum Indicum (sesame) Oil, Prunus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil*, Corylus Avellana (Hazel) Seed Oil*,Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba Oil)*, Citrus aurantium L. ssp. amara (Petitgrain) Essential Oil*, Cananga Odorata (Ylang Ylang) Essential Oil,Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Essential Oil,Citrus Bergamia (Bergamot) Essential Oil*, Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Oil*.

     More about Ingredients:


    • Seabuckthorn is called natural poly-vitamine, due to an inclusion of Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, E, F, K, P. It is a great natural cleanser and exfoliator that promotes skin rejuvenation.
    • The oleic acid found in STB penetrates deep into the skin and effectively prevents dry and prematurely aging skin
    • . Linoleic acid deeply moisturizes your skin and fortifies the protective layer of tissues


    • Hazelnut chiefly contains Linoleic, Oleic, Palmitic and Stearic Acid.
    • The Palmitic Acid works as an excellent emollient and retains moisture by forming an occlusive layer.
    • Vitamin D repairs skin tissues and protects your skin from premature aging. Vitamin A found in hazelnut stimulates fibroblasts; which makes your skin smooth.


    • Ylang-Ylang heals skin’s fungal complications due to the presence of an antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compound called linalool.
    • Farnesol found in Ylang-Ylang rejuvenates the skin layer against frequent UV exposure, whereas benzyl acetate heals skin rashes.
    • The topical application of alpha-Pinene also can reduce blemishes on the outer skin layer

    Direction of Use

    • Spill the adequate massage oil in Palm, and rub until it warms.
    • Massage gently throughout your body for 10 minutes.
    • Let it rest on skin and allow it to be absorbed for 10 minutes.
    • Wipe off the excess oil with tissue or towel.

    Mindful Mentions Before Use

    • Mandate Patch test before application.
    • Immediately remove in case of skin irritation.
    • Prefer storing in cool and dry place with lack of direct sunlight.
    • Due to absence of preservatives, the product should be preserved from air and water defilement and used within 6 months of opening it.
    • Since the product is entirely organic, temperature and Time can respectively affect consistency and colour/scent, but not the core effectiveness.

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