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The Peacock Box



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  • Comprises nutrient-rich ingredients with nourishing minerals for skin.
  • Rejuvenates your skin and provides that youthful glow.
  • Fades scar and pigmentations.
  • Heals the skin by hydrating the skin.
  • Leaves your skin bright-looking and healthy.
  • Glass containers ensure longevity and preserve light sensitivity for such essential oils.

Product description

 Mature skin serum by The Peacock Box penetrates and nourishes deeper layers of skin due to inclusion of highly concentrated and highly moisturizing ingredients like, frankincense; that effectively tackles dry skin and reduces premature wrkinles, age spots, scars and stretch masrks. Helichrysum; prevents skin from dehydration and cracking as well as provides soothing sensation to skin while reducing wrinkles and blemishes. Moreover, Geranium essential oil nourishes your skin by balancing sebum production on your skin.

Full Ingredients List

Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Oil*, Boswellia carteri (frankincense) Essential Oil*, Daucus Carota (Carrot Seed) Essential Oil*, Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium) Essential Oil*,Helichrysum Italicum (Helichrysum) Oil,Oenothera (Evening primrose) Oil*,Rosa (Rose) Oil*,Tecopherol(Vitamin E). “*”- ORGANIC CERTIFIED.

    More about Ingredients:


    • Highly concentrated with potential fatty acids.
    • Reduces scar and hyperpigmentation.
    • The antiinflammatory vitamin F also moisturizes the skin.
    • Palmitic acid found in Rosehip can excellently work as emollient and retain moisture by making an occlusive layer.
    • Oleic acid treats dry skin and reduces aging.
    • Linolenic acid found in Rosehip acts as a potential building element for ceramides; that moisturizes the skin.


    • Helichrysum consists of antimicrobial, antiinflammatory, antioxidant and antiallergic benefits for skin.
    • It helps to reconstruct and protect the skin layer.
    • Reduces premature aging.
    • Lightens scars and blackspots on skin.
    • Eugenol found in Helichrysum helps to treat skin infections, skin lesions and inflammatory skin disorders.
    • Limonene can calm and soothe the skin due to its antioxidant properties.


    • Linalool found in frankincense, tightens the pores of skin, happened due to sun damage and age.
    • Bornyl acetate improves skin health by soothing the skin.
    • Frankincense enables cell regeneration and reduces scar.
    • It acts as potential antiseptic as well.

    Direction of Use



    • Clean your face by washing with lukewarm water.
    • Spill 2 drops and smoothly massage your face in circular motion.
    • Be careful of problematic spots.
    • Let it rest overnight for best nourishment.



    Mindful Mentions Before Use



    • Mandate Patch Test before application.
    • Immediately remove in case of skin irritation.
    • Prefer storing in a cool and dry place where direct sunlight lacks.
    • Formulated for topical application only.
    • Maintain it away from children.
    • Do consult a dermatologist or physician before application during pregnancy.
    • Care to avoid direct contact to eyes and rinse off immediately in case of accidental contact.
    • Do tight the cap property after use and utilize within 6 months of opening it.
    • Our products are anhydrous, so protect them against air and water defilement.
    • Maintain it away from longer moisture.
    • Refrigerate for longevity but don't store in the freezer.
    • While using after refrigeration, soak the bottle in lukewarm water to get the original consistency.
    • Store the bottle upside down while refrigerating.
    • Temperature and time can respectively affect consistency and scent/colour of our products, but not the core effectiveness.

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