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The Peacock Box



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The Limbic system is an ancient part of the brain that stimulates emotional responses. Vaporised odor molecules of essential oils vitalise the olfactory receptor neurons, that transmit impulses to your limbic system, making you emotionally react to the odor information. Aromatherapy is about benefiting the human system through therapeutic effects of Aromas or Scents by enabling the experience of calmness and peacefulness while using therapeutic effects of naturally derived essential oil’s aromas. Aromatherapy has miraculous impact on physical and psychological health. The essential oils are distilled from plant derived healing extraction. These essential oils are high in concentration and can be utilized directly or indirectly. One can take healing benefits of aromatherapy by using diffusers, inhalers, bathing salts, body oils and lotions, facial steamers and clay masks as well. Essential oil used in aromatherapy has been proven to manage pain, enhances sleep quality, reduces stress and anxiety, treats migraines, help to repair side effects of chemotherapy, reduces knee pain having with osteoarthritis, reduce pain of kidney stones and also proven to be helpful to enhance life quality of people having dementia.


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