How we make products?

Raw Material: Every soil is different. Migration-farming may technically develop the fruitful ingredients irrespective of acclimatization, but due to lack of its source soil kinship, we don’t earn the essential soul-nutrients within an ingredient. The Peacock box is solely solicitous about organic farming and closely utilizes authentic constituents derived from pesticide-free crops and genetically modified seeds. Our keen expenditures and passion for Organic remedies comprises, indefatigable peregrinate; for healing recipe ingredients, enthusiastic research; to invent & amalgamate the  constructive benefits to humans, and self concept of uncompromisable vision towards organic provision to the human kind.



Assembling: Naturally derived ingredients have been opportune for humans since ancient times. Our niche expertise is to commingle and compose these healing elements in consonance with their curative characteristic for human  skin, hair and body. We at The Peacock Box hygienically assemble and formulate our organic offerings through tackling the naturally adapted ingredients by passing through processes of filtration,, extraction, drying, distillation, pressing, milling, lyophilization and sieving; to profit essential nutrients to be useful for assembling. We process the raw materials in portable and compact batches for the means to preserve its nutritional value and sustainable shelf life. While processing and assembling the recipes, we tend to be strictly mindful about cruelty free and vegan free provision that lacks animal testing, as our products are subject to patch test and dermatological or physician’s consulation before application only. As a promise of 100% certified organic product provision, we don’t infuse paraffins, petroleum, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances while manufacturing our offerings.



Preservation: Water can contaminate the ingredients by attracting reproductive growth of bacteria and fungus amidst the ingredients. That is why,  In our journey of Organic movement, preservation of our miraculous offerings is obligatory although we manufacture them in small batches to keep them fresh. When we say 100% organic, we mean it as we strictly do not imbue synthetic toxic preservatives like parabens or formaldehydes, propylene glycol (PPG), silicones, sodium benzoate, BHT, SLS and SLES which are pernicious for our body. However,  we acknowledge the crucial quotient of preservation, we realise that the preservative components are accessible in Nature itself. For preservation., we exercise dehydrating techniques as well as employ natural preservatives like Rosemary and Oregano Extract, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Sugar, Honey and Salt  In order to maintain adequate shelf life and freshness of our offerings. Our products are anhydrous. Thus,  it is advised to treat our offerings protected from water defilement, because then the present moisture will attract bacterial growth and minimize shelf life.

Packaging: Us and our consumers are eco-conscious. Therefore, we opt in to eco friendly packaging of our offerings. Plastic and other imperishbale packaging doesn’t only disturbs the balance of the environment but superfluously pollutes nature, just for the sake of our needs. The Peacock Box believes in “Give and Take” when it comes to transacting with Nature. Therefore we strived for upcylcable packaging that can be reutilized to make the best without procuring waste. We at The Peacock Box, package our offerings with biodegradable, Plastic-free and Upcyclable components.